When Is The Right Time For Rug Repair?

April 9, 2016

Oriental rug repair is necessary for structural integrity and safety. Use this guide to help you determine the right time to call a professional for an Oriental rug repair.

  • Your rug is fading away: If everyday wear and tear or improper rug cleaning has caused your Oriental rug to fade, then it might seem like the vibrant colors that initially drew you to the rug are gone forever. Constant exposure to the sun or the use of harsh cleaning products strains the dyes and fabrics of your rug, leaving it looking run down. If you notice that the colors are not as bright at they used to be, take it in for repair to restore the richness to the colors in your rug. Hadeed Carpet specialized in color restoration.


Your rug is unraveling: Over time, the wool used in Oriental rugs can fall off if the sides or ends unravel. If you notice that the weaving does not look as tight and concise as it used to, then take it in to a professional Oriental rug repair and cleaning company. Without intact serging on the sides, and fringe on the ends, unraveling will only continue, which means your Oriental rug will lose borders. A professional company can reweave the rug so it retains its original condition.


  • The tassels, binding, and fringe are frayed: When the edges of your Oriental rug start to look a little rough take it into an Oriental carpet cleaning and repair company to have them install new fringe, rebuild each tassel individually, or replace serging that is no longer as effective as it should be. 


For the best Oriental rug cleaning and restoration in the Washington, D.C. area come to Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning. We also offer wall-to-wall carpet cleaning services. Visit our website or call (703) 241-1111 to learn more.