Rug Cleaning and Repair Service: Oriental Rug Specialist Washington, D.C.

May 6, 2016

True antique Oriental rugs require a restoration technician with specialized knowledge and a keen eye for detail. This documentary follows the experiences of the Hadeed family and their 50 years of experience working with Oriental rugs.

This video follows a typical carpet cleaning by Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning in Washington, D.C. Special shampoos and meticulous hand washing combine to make the recipe for deep cleaning success. The video also displays Hadeed’s all natural drying process.

Washington, D.C. residents have access to great Oriental rug care resources. Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning offers comprehensive rug cleaning services for Turkish, Persian, and other Oriental-style area rugs. To learn more about our cleaning and restoration process, visit us online or call (703) 241-1111.


2 responses to “Rug Cleaning and Repair Service: Oriental Rug Specialist Washington, D.C.”

  1. When you have something as gorgeous and delicate as an Oriental rug, I think you definitely have to have professional clean it. You don’t want to DIY something and end up ruining such lovely work. Thanks for sharing this video! It’s so cool to see the process.

  2. Great advice. And Yes, I agree. When you have an oriental rug of that caliber, you want to get it cleaned regularly to preserve its value.

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