Common Reasons Why Oriental Rugs Require Repair

April 30, 2016


The craftsmanship and advanced techniques of ancient civilizations help authentic Oriental rugs last for decades. However, some problems go beyond regular wear and tear and require the assistance of a veteran carpet cleaner:

  • Water Damage: With repeat exposure to water, cotton threads can become weakened and rot. Moisture weakens connections between the horizontal and vertical threads that keep the carpet together. Unusual stiffness felt when rolling or folding the carpet is typically a sign that water damage that has already occurred. Homeowners should listen for the snap of brittle fibers that have dried improperly after suffering water damage.
  • Pet Attacks: Dogs and pets that habitually scratch are big threats to an Oriental rug. Their sharp and durable claws are capable of slicing and cutting through even the tightest weaves. Pet urine is also a unique challenge for Oriental rugs, as the impacts on fibers are more akin to a chemical spill than simple liquid damage. The extremely high ammonia content in pet urine will chemically bond with the fibers of a rug if left to set. This makes pet urine stains extremely difficult to remove without professional help.
  • Insect Invasions: Mysterious cobwebs and sandy debris are two signs that you may have a moth problem. Moths themselves will not eat your carpet, but the hundreds of larvae that lay in your carpet fibers will. An infestation could easily spread to and damage other carpets. Also, watch for signs of carpet beetles whose larvae will similarly target the natural fibers in your rugs. The damage these critters can do to rugs is extensive and will likely require professional restoration services.

 A bit of maintenance and conscious planning can prevent most uneven wear and sun damage. For the repair problems that put your rug at stake, rely on the experience and skill of the carpet-cleaning experts at Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning. Call us at (703) 241-1111 today to schedule an appointment.