Common Oriental Rug Problems & Quick Fixes

March 31, 2016


A genuine, hand-knotted Oriental rug is one of the best ways to add beauty and glamour to any room in the house. With the right care (and with the occasional call to Hadeed Carpet and Rug Cleaning), your rug will last a very long time.

In order to protect your Oriental rug from premature wear, it’s important that you know how to quickly address some of the common problems that may arise. Here’s how:

  • Sun Damage: Most rug dyes are quite resistant to sun fading or bleaching. Still, it’s important that you protect your valuable Oriental rug against harmful ultraviolet rays to prevent fading. Sheer drapes will help block most of the direct sunlight.  
  •  Uneven Wear: In order to prevent uneven wear and color change, you can rotate your Oriental rug end-for-end once every year or two. Also, be sure that the rug is lying flat when you are done rotating to prevent rapid wear in one area.
  •  Moth Damage: Although moths don’t eat your rug, the females lay hundreds of eggs that hatch into larvae which consume wool and silk fibers. To prevent an infestation in your Oriental rug, be sure to vacuum the entire face of the rug weekly and to keep moths out of your home.
  •  Regular Cleaning: To flush out embedded dust, dirt and sand which causes undue wear by grinding away at the carpet’s fibers.
  • Repair Damage: Act quickly to fix any unraveling, tears, holes, or other damage to prevent further damages.

For more tips on how to care for your Oriental rug, contact the professionals at Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning. We are a Washington, DC-based Oriental rug cleaning company with over 50 years in the rug cleaning industry. To learn more about our Oriental rug repair services, or to schedule a rug cleaning appointment, call (703) 241-1111.