Cleaning a Special Rug in DC for Several Years

October 24, 2019

“Hadeed has been cleaning my rather special rug for several years. They always arrive when they say they’re going to, the delivery people are courteous, and the end result is a super-clean, well-cared for rug. Thoroughly recommend them.”
– Anna C. in Washington DC

Our loyal customers trust us with their rug maintenance needs! For your rug cleaning and repairs, contact Hadeed Carpet at 703-836-1111!

An Inside Look at Rug Cleaning in Our Plant

October 18, 2019

Take a closer look at what a rug cleaning at one of our plants looks like! The brushes on our specialized cleaning tool uses very fine, soft vegetable bristles that help work the solution evenly throughout the rug. If you need to remove a stain from your rug in Lorton, VA, contact Hadeed Carpet at (703) 836-1111.

Repaired a 6×6 Hole on Unique Rug

October 11, 2019

“I just picked up my rug from Hadeed’s after they repaired a 6″ x 6″ hole my dog had chewed in it. The rug had unusual red colors and teal colors and they matched them perfectly. I was flabbergasted they were able to do such a fantastic job. Highly recommend them for rug repair.”
– Annette P. in Arlington, VA

Spotting some damage and/or discoloration on your rug? You need Hadeed! Call us at (703) 836-1111.

Stubborn Stain on Your Rug in Lorton, VA?

October 4, 2019

Have stubborn stains on your area rug that just won’t come out? Whether it be from pets, accidental spills from both adults and kids, or dirt from the outside being tracked indoors – we’ve got the solution to clean it! For your maintenance and restoration of any type of rug in Lorton, VA and the Northern Virginia area, contact Hadeed!