Rugs Have Pet Stains or Damage in Annandale, VA?

Do your pets really love your rugs and it’s beginning to show? We specialize in restoring your rug from damage done from your pets! Whether it’s staining from pet urine or your new pup has destroyed the fringe on your Oriental rug, Hadeed has you covered. Contact us today to restore your rug like new! We offer pick up and delivery in Annandale, VA and all around the Northern Virginia area!

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Repaired and Restored Iranian Kashan Rug in Alexandria, VA

“I need my my 10×14 hand woven Iranian Kashan rug to be repaired. There was a hole caused by water damage from a planter. I’d like an estimate for repair by patching or re-weaving. I used Hadeed to have it cleaned a few years ago. Thank you!”
– E.S. in Alexandria, VA

Is there damage to your rug from pets, water damage, kids or other reasons outside of your control? Contact Hadeed today to restore it like new! We do free pick up and delivery.

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New Menu of Services for All Types of Rugs!

We are offering a new menu of cleaning services for all types of rugs! Whether it’s a handmade tufted rug, machine made synthetic rug, machine made wool rug, or a handmade wool rug, we will give your rugs a thorough, detailed clean! Contact Hanna Ayoub today to pick up your rug in Lorton, VA or our other service areas in the DC Metro area.

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We’ll Take Care of the Pet Stains on Your Heirloom Rug

“I would like a rug picked up for cleaning. Our family inherited it. The rug is 6’x8′ and has an area with cat stains on it. We would like it thoroughly cleaned but no color restoration is needed. Thank you!”
– K.M. in McLean, VA

Pets leaving stains on your heirloom rug? After a cleaning by Hadeed, your rug will be in great condition for the next time it is handed down the family line. Call us today!

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An Easy and Professional Rug Cleaning Experience

“The 2 technicians who picked up my Chinese rug were very professional, polite and pleasant. They made this an easy and enjoyable experience. The technicians were Elmer & Santos. I very much appreciate the manner in which they performed the work and were also very helpful. Elmer & Santos also delivered/returned my rug to me after the cleaning.”
– Colette B. in Arlington, VA

We’re ecstatic to hear from our happy customers on our surveys. Contact Hadeed today to schedule a pick-up of your Oriental rug for cleaning and/or repair!

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Wool Rugs Cleaned and Treated for Pet Odor in Washington DC

“I need three 8’x11′ rugs and one 4’x6′ rug to be cleaned. Two of the rugs are machine-made, but I’m not certain about the other 2. All are wool. I’d also like all of them to be treated for pet odors. I would also like to replace the padding. Thank you!” – E.N. in Washington, DC

If you need to know which of our cleaning services are the best fit for your Oriental rug, contact Hadeed today!

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Our Rug Cleaning Services Includes Pick Up, Delivery, and Placement!

Utilize our Back-to-School Savings and get 15% off your signature rug cleaning until September 16th! We not only offer free pick up and and delivery, but our team will also lay out your rug and move any furniture around to place it in the correct spot. Contact Hadeed today to clean your rugs in Springfield, VA!

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Essential for a High Quality Rug Cleaning in Northern Virginia

What is essential to a higher quality rug cleaning? The Hadeed team rinses rugs until the water runs clear after hand washing, has a dedicated quality control department checking on rugs before and after a washing, and dries each rug in our temperature-controlled drying room. Contact us today for free pick up and delivery in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area!

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Handwoven Rugs from Turkey and India Repaired in Fairfax, VA!

“We sent in two rugs to Hadeed: one from Turkey and one from India. One of the rugs was fraying, and they took great care to repair. Both rugs were cleaned and wrapped for storing as we were moving. They did a great job and we highly recommend Hadeed!” – B.B. in Fairfax, VA

Our professionals have years of experience taking care of a variety of repair work for handwoven Oriental rugs. Contact Hadeed today for your rug repair and cleaning!

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Does Your Rug in Alexandria, VA Need Restoration from Pet Odor or Damage?

Do your pets love your Oriental carpet? Accidents can happen – pet odor, fringe damage, stains or hair may leave your rug looking like it’s due for a cleaning. Hadeed specializes in restoring rugs from damage by your furry friends! Contact us today – we provide free pick-up and delivery in Alexandria, VA.

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